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Welcome to my introduction of GeorgeW Enjoy

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  • Welcome to my introduction of GeorgeW Enjoy

    Well hello as you guessed it I am George one of the newest members of low class I was born in Tacoma Washington grew up in Cleveland Ohio spent some of my time moving around to different places until I met my ex and moved to Indiana. Which was a huge change for me going from a large city to a small town where people actually talk to each other to be honest its really nice. So let me back up for a bit to kind tell how I ended in Indiana from Ohio. So after I left Cleveland I moved to Cincinnati Ohio to attend Cincinnati Job Corp to learn to be a chef which I love to cook just never thought I could get paid doing it until my dad told me I could and I been doing this ever since. I have worked for many kitchens to many to list here or just feel like writing them all here lol. Well way before I became a chef or started liking to cook I was into cars first . For cars i really into lowriders but I like other cars too but lowriders always grabs my attention first. As im typing this I wanted to let you know I really hate typing not sure why I always hated typing writing or anything that has to do with word on a page. Anyway I spent many years not owning a car because at the time I didn't own a driver license .