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    Well I figured I should start off by re-introducing myself. I am Joe. I founded Low Class Car Club back in 1992. Over the years we have built the club up and I have watched as it slowly shrank as people moved on with their lives. As members have always came and went I have always stood strong even if it was sometimes alone. As time passed I didn't see opening the club back up for membership and figured I would show solo under the club name. At this point also decided to start Fazda Tuning. As time has passed I had grown tired of sites that had information I needed or build threads I posted die out and disappear. This is where Fazda Tuning was needed in my life. After a while I met up with some good people and together we brought Low Class Car Club back into the world of reality. And here we are today. I just got this site back up on a newer updated server with an all new updated site. Now to get all the information I had up back online. Work never ends.
    The above was my introduction on the Fazda Tuning site. I have now said goodbye to that site and will forever stand behind the name of the car club I founded so long ago. I am so proud of everyone who now makes up the ranks of our membership roster. The Low Class Car Club family is forever. Bless all of you and everything you bring to the club.