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    I'm sitting here, broke as fuck, dreaming about ordering more car parts since the cold weather is starting to set in. So I started thinking about vehicle sponsorships. I know people who have used sites like I looked into them many years ago, and was a little suspicious about some of the things they had wrote on their site. Well I decided to look into them again since the internet is a whole lot different now than when I looked into them before.

    I start with their own website. One of the first pages I find is this one. Now seeing they have dedicated a page on their own site for this topic lets dive into it.

    The internet can be someones best friend or worst enemy.
    Well right off the bat they start with blaming the internet. If you run a legit business the positive feedback will normally outweigh the bad. If you are getting a lot of bad feedback you may in fact be doing something wrong.

    There will always be people that feel that they should not have to pay to get help with sponsorships and usually those are the ones that voice their opinions more than others.
    People can always apply for sponsorships on their own at no cost. But whenever they hire someone to help them with it they understand they will have to pay a fee. NOBODY is questioning this fact.

    Who’s calling us a scam?

    The majority of all scam posters are those that have never tried They feel that just because a company is charging money to help get someone sponsored they are most likely a scam. This has been an ongoing problem since started in 2004.
    It's not hard to spot a scam these days. While you MAY be a legitimate company you are only pointing fingers at non-customers who are too cautious to try you out. What about the customers who have went to the extreme extent and filed complaints against you with the Better Business Bureau? Those people were your customers and did in fact use your service.

    Confusing with

    We ARE NOT We get emails everyday from people thinking we are them. We are and only. We do not have any other sites, are not affiliated with any other companies and do not use the terms sponsored whips in any shape or form.
    Here you try to divert attention away from yourself and point fingers again at a competitor. With this you try to make it seem as if the bad press you get is because of someone else. is B+ Rated at the Better Business Bureau is B+ Rated at the Better Business Bureau. This says a lot about and the way we operate our business. The BBB is in place to give consumers an overall view and rating on a company based on complaints. When you are dealing with a B+ rated company, you should have the confidence that you can always contact that company, that company will always make things right and most of all that it is a legitimate company that is monitored by the better business business bureau.
    Better update your site. You actually only have a B rating at this point. You have 5 reviews currently, 4 of which only give you a single star. 31 complaints in the past 3 years and 23 of those are in the past 12 months. Nearly every complaint filed closely resemble one another. But I don't want people to take my word for it. Go read the complaints and reviews for yourself.

    CarSponsors continues down their page of excuses and denials and goes on and on. Out of the people I personally know who have used it, most talk highly about it but the only thing they ever got was a few discount codes so they can buy discounted parts. In a lot of cases if you search online you can find deals that are close to or better than the discounts you get through CarSponsors. A little legwork is worth saving money.

    To end this post I will say to please do your research. I am in no way against CarSponsors or for them personally. I doubt I will ever use them because there is too much shadiness and bad press around the company. In the posts following I will list other sponsorship opportunities if you want to seek out a sponsorship opportunity on your own.

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    Import Crate offers car sponsorship to applicants who meet our minimum requirements.
    1. Must have a show car with at least 25% customization.
    2. Must have an active social media account.
    3. Must meet the minimum number of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media accounts.

    When you get sponsored, you will receive (depending on what level you qualify):
    • Vouchers for Free Products
    • Car decals
    • T-shirts
    • Discount coupon codes for your friends & family
    • Other goodies

    As a sponsored car, we ask that you:
    • Tag @importcrate in all postings in your social media accounts.
    • Integrate us into your social media profile.
    • Display at least 1 decal of the Import Crate logo on your car.
    • Accept our promotional materials and products (provided free) in your car for display at car shows.
    • Grant us permission to use photos/videos of your car for any of our promotional materials.

    Car Sponsorship Levels:

    Level 1 - Minimum of 10k followers on social media
    Level 2 - Minimum of 5k followers on social media

    We also offer Entry-Level Sponsorship for those who are interested in getting sponsored but have not met the minimum qualification requirements.

    If you’re interested in a sponsorship,


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      Ok at the current time they are not taking applications but will be starting in a few days for the next show season.

      Thank you for your inquiry for an Individual Show Vehicle Sponsorship with Meguiar’s Inc.

      We are no longer accepting sponsorship applications for the 2020 season.

      Deadline for all proposals is April 1st of every year. No applications will be accepted after this date.

      We will be accepting 2021 applications starting November 1, 2020. Please email at to apply online with us anytime after that date.

      Thank you for choosing Meguiar's,


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        Thank you for your interest in Toyo Tires. We support enthusiasts who participate in tuner, off-road and classic car clubs and events. Please complete the form below and click submit. Your form will automatically be submitted and reviewed by our Events team.

        While we would like to support all of those interested in Toyo Tires, we have a limited number of sponsorship opportunities. We will contact you if your submission meets our sponsorship requirements.


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          Looking to customize your ride? MagnaFlow strongly believes that the future of the industry lives with its fans, dreamers and builders.

          If you believe your project car will sound better with a MagnaFlow, fill out our application. We look forward to hearing a MagnaFlow on your ride.


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            Vehicle sponsorships offer a tried-and-true formula for benefiting both the automotive enthusiast and the auto parts vendor. When it comes to modifying your car, nothing beats free or steeply discounted parts and, conversely, nothing beats first-hand experience and personal recommendations for product exposure. For this reason we at BRAUM are happy to offer sponsorships to individuals whom we believe share our vision for fun and responsible racing as well as our appreciation for beautiful and purpose-built vehicles. These sponsorships allow you, the enthusiast, to enjoy our quality products at little to no cost, while exposing our products to your friends and fellow hobbyists. If you are interested in a sponsorship for your vehicle, simply follow our instructions for application below.


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              Thank you for your interest in receiving a sponsorship from Konig Wheels. We appreciate your interest in representing us and value your support. For almost 40 years we've made a quality product and remained commited to developing wheels for automotive ethusiasts. We take sponsorship extremely seriously. Below we will highlight some specifics that you should consider before applying for a sponsorship.


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                Thank you for your interest in becoming a Falken Tires Brand Ambassador!

                Please submit your thorough vehicle sponsorship inquiry to the form on the right.

                When submitting your inquiry please include the items below:
                • Year, make and model of the vehicle
                • Tire sizes you're requesting
                • Location of the vehicle
                • Current and future modifications to your vehicle
                • Magazine features
                • Events calendar for the year in question
                • Podiums or events you have won
                • Current sponsors


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                  We are always on the lookout for desert off-road and short-course drivers, as well as car clubs and custom builds to sponsor. To be considered please complete and submit the sponsorship application. General Tire will evaluate each submission and respond to your request.