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Thrift Shop Rules *READ BEFORE YOU POST!*

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  • Thrift Shop Rules *READ BEFORE YOU POST!*

    As a seller.

    1. Post clear and detailed pictures for the item(s) you are selling.

    2. Post your price. No make offer crap. Just say how much you want and go from there.

    3. Post your location of your item. Not your exact address just the city, state.

    4. When your item is no longer for sale please post that it is sold.

    5. Services can be listed by club members. Have a business? Post your info.

    As a buyer.

    1. You are responsible for pickup or shipping. If the seller is willing to meet that is fine.

    2. No low-balling. If it's listed for $20 don't be a dick and offer $2. If you can find it cheaper elsewhere then just go buy it there.

    3. Do not stand up the seller. If you make plans to pick something up with the seller and can not make it please let them know BEFORE the planned meeting time.

    These are just some basic rules that everyone should practice and not just here. Rules may be added if needed in the future but lets hope not.